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  Bill has served in various capacities in Terrestrial and Digital Radio from running and consulting broadcasting companies, to building digital sale strategies, to developing products for radio syndication. He has created and sold nationally syndicated radio shows to include iTunes Download, “The Huckabee Report”, and 24/7 Comedy Radio, the top ratings leader for iHeart Radio. His goal in developing syndicated radio programs is to create and develop a compelling product that has a unique audience that can be monetized. 

  When it comes to innovation, some have one great idea that becomes their entire focus and legacy. Others are fountains of ideas. George Gimarc is definitely in the latter category. During his career, he’s been deeply involved in the birth of multiple formats, including Classic Rock and Alternative. He is also the person who developed the only radio format to ever receive a US patent.

     But radio isn’t his only area of expertise. George has also authored several books including the reference staple ‘Punk Diary 1970-‘82.’ As a music historian he now is the archivist for the Texas Musicians Museum. His company, Reel George Productions, produced a string of CDs for radios stations, and wrote and developed a show with John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) for VH1.
      Feeling that alternative music isn’t that different from comedy, Gimarc was the programming part of the duo that created 24/7 Comedy, the FM & AM all-comedy format that held the most-listened to spot on iHeart for over four years, as well as being a market leader in several key cities. The format now lives on under the name Today’s Comedy and is on the grow, as the new talk radio format keyed to 24-54’s.

Bill Bungeroth